• About Us

  • Meet The Credit Team

    Samaritan Credit is a financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and consultation services. We are primarily a referral based company, since happy clients results in enthusiastic referrals. We have worked very hard to perfect our level of service and provide real solutions for our clients to get their credit scores to an optimal level. Service and solutions are always important, but timing and technique are also extremely critical to help consumers repair their credit. Did you know it only takes a 20 point FICO increase to often make the difference between approval and denial. We have a proven track record of helping to improve credit scores effectively to give our clients better purchasing power.


    The Goal of Samaritan Credit is to become a leader in providing the highest standard in credit repair services and education. We will strive to deliver exemplary services and results to all and to conduct business with Integrity, Honesty, Compassion and Empathy


    We operate a legal and ethical credit repair business. We are the industry standard for a reputable organization built on a strong foundation of Honesty, Integrity, Empathy, Compassion, and a dogged determination to obtaining the best results possible for all our client.


    We believe in taking care of an issue at the root of the problem. We have a multi-stage system that ensures we get the maximum amount of inaccurate and unverifiable information permanently removed.


    Our current educational systems does not properly teach the importance of managing personal credit. With direct experience in the embarrassment and frustrations of having less than perfect credit, our team of Credit Advisers are passionate about guiding our clients through the successful path to peace of mind and financial freedom that good credit can bring.

    When you enroll in our Credit Repair Program, you join a company committed to you, and to helping you achieve your credit goals. You may need a new car, you may be trying to purchase a home, heck, even renting a good apartment or landing a great job requires good credit nowadays, and we will help you reach your desired goal. We know that a better credit score is more than a number.  It is the key to opening countless doors and helping keep more money in your pocket. You will see, this investment in your future could not be in better hands.  

    We know that unforeseen events can happen anytime throughout our lives, and we know that everybody deserves a second chance for financial mistakes and happenstances. Samaritan specializes in second chances! That's exactly what our credit experts and our legal team are here to help you with. If you need assistance with raising your credit scores, we’d love to help you. We work with you, the credit bureaus, and your creditors in order to help you reach your best credit score. More importantly, we give you the knowledge to maintain your score once it’s fixed. Our state of the art online software system allows you to follow the progress of your file 24/7.

  • Why Choose Us

    We are a professional credit repair service which assists our clients with achieving a blemish free credit report. If you believe the item should not be on your report, then our team will investigate for errors and remove those errors once identified it's your right by law. Disputing items in your file can be time consuming and requires diplomacy in dealing with the credit bureaus and the creditor that placed the negative item on your report. Our Credit Repair Specialists have experience tackling these issues and achieving a positive outcome on your behalf.

    Our credit repair services are designed to be as straightforward as possible, we talk you through the process from start to finish and work with you carefully to help remove unfair, disputable or questionable negative items. We fight for you until we have reached our mutual goal and we are available to answer any questions may have all through the process. And always remember, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, just a little extra piece of mind.