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    Are you looking to maximize your success by working with a leader in the Credit Repair Industry? Then join the Samaritan Credit - Affiliate Program. Our Affiliate Program is a Ready-to-go Money Making Opportunity that you can start marketing right away without any personal investment. With our lucrative affiliate program, you can make money by simply referring your clients to Samaritan Credit, the more customers you send each month, the more money you can make.

    We offer Affiliates a simple way to signup new customers and promote our products. Once you're accepted as an Affiliate, you will receive an email with your Affiliate Portal credentials. This portal will allow you to start entering potential clients and earn money. Affiliates can search for clients, see leads that are in process, and monitor the status of all referrals. This technology will allow you to focus on what you do best, rather than having to manually track progress. Signing up clients has never been easier than with our 24/7 Affiliate referral Portal. 

    You come across people everyday that needs to improve their credit, lets help them together. Tap into a new and profitable income stream!

    At Samaritan Credit, we cater to our Affiliates by providing your clients with the best service in the industry. Satisfied clients mean more referrals for you, and more referrals means more money, period! Our Credit Repair Specialists average one of the highest fix/delete ratios in the industry with an average rate of over 46% fix/deletions within 45 days! Unlike many other credit repair companies, Samaritan Credit does not purposely prolong the length of time clients are with us by limiting disputes, such as 3 to 5 a month. We challenge everything for validity, we do everything it takes to improve our client's credit and maximize results in the shortest time possible. Again, satisfied clients means more referrals, and our business is built on referrals. Here are some basic facts about this industry:

    • Approximately 75% of Americans are in need of credit improvement.
    • Four out of Five consumer’s credit reports contain erroneous information, derogatory items, outdated items, and removable blemishes, which are preventing them from getting cars, a homes, or even jobs in some cases.
    • It is 100% legal to have your credit repaired.
    • It is not mandatory for creditors to report derogatory information for 7-10 years, or indefinitely. The law states that the listing may appear “no longer than” or “up to” seven years.
    • Increasing credit scores will lower monthly payments, annual interest rates, and save consumers thousands of dollars yearly!

    As a Samaritan Credit Affiliate, you will earn immediate and unlimited income with the most competitive compensation in the industry along with a dedicated team of professionals to assist you all the way. Unlike other credit affiliate programs, who pays a flat one time fee for referrals, Samaritan pays an initial referral fee, plus an ongoing monthly referral payout for each of your referrals that enrolls in our Credit Repair Program.

    Do you own a business or work in an industry that depends on good credit clients? Then sign up with us! Our Credit Repair Specialists can fix your clients credit scores. In turn your client will qualify for your product or service, receive better interest rates, and you will make more money! You can create better client relationships through our services, which is good for business... actually, it's GREAT for business. We can't stress this enough; a happy client is more likely to refer friends, family, and associates, which means more clients for your core business and more opportunity to refer clients for Credit Repair.

    Our affiliate partners are mortgage lenders, banks, real estate agents, auto dealerships, insurance agents, and attorneys. These affiliate partners rely upon our expertise to help their customers who need to overcome the credit errors and the mistakes of their past in order to benefit from their product or services. Regardless of your customer’s ultimate goal or need (a mortgage, auto financing, security clearance, etc.), we can help your customers with their credit problems. Procrastination is opportunity's assassin! Sign Up Today!