• No one can predict how long a case may take. Every single case differs substantially. It would not be right for any company to state just how long any one case would take. But, if you properly forward your credit reports in a timely manner, you are likely to see marked progress in the first two months. After that, advancement will be at a pretty steady pace. On average, a participating member will see one of every three challenged items removed from his credit report.

    It usually only takes an average of 6 months to complete the credit repair process. Occasionally though, more complex cases can take up to a year. The thing is, you actually seethe progress being made, which makes it a little easier to be patient. Remember, effective credit repair is a marathon, not a sprint. A lot of your progress will depend on how quickly you forward the information you receive, the specifics of your case, and the cooperation from the credit bureau(s).