• Money Back Guarantee


    Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is simple. Samaritan Credit promises you that if we are unable to remove, fix or correct any of the (obsolete, unverifiable, incorrect) items that you hired us to work on for you, from any of The 3 Main Credit Reports (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) in 120 days (4 months), you are entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee of all your payments. Other companies may offer a money back guarantee with “a catch” by keeping your “Set Up Fee” if you cancel, we don't! If you reach your desired goals and you are happy with the results while in one of our Repair Options, you may cancel at any time. We will go Above and Beyond to achieve the best results possible while you are in one of our programs. The Credit Repair process can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on the amount of items to be disputed and difficulty of the case to achieve the maximum desired results. Every client's situation is different and unique, thus results will vary from case to case.

    Other companies will try and string you along with limiting challenges, false promises, and confusing language, which may lead nowhere for months or years. They sometimes will manage to get you to do all the work on your own and still require you to pay a monthly fee. 

    Again, our 100% Money Back Guarantee is simple… If we’re unable to remove, fix or correct any of the erroneous, obsolete or unverifiable items on your behalf in 120 days (4 months) from the day you start our program, We will refund 100% of your payments.