• Testimonials

  • Your service is Amazing! My TransUnion credit report has no more derogatories, I just checked the score, and it's a 782! I can't believe it! The other two bureaus are almost done too. Thank You All!

    Kevin T. | Atlanta, GA

  • I signed up for the Premier Program 08/12/16 and my score has gone up 33 points with the removal of several items that were disputed. So far, Samaritan has shown me nothing but results, when I compare them to the other agency I tried before I switched to Samaritan, I realize I was a fool for trusting a company that can't back up their service with a money back guarantee like Samaritan has. Your company is a class act Samaritan.

    Jordan M. | Juneau, Alaska

  • I am writing to thank Samaritan Credit helping me with getting a wrongful judgement removed from my credit report. I tried to remove it myself. I figured it would be easy because it was bogus. After 6 months of the run around, I gave up and tried Samaritan. The judgement came off in 2 months. Your knowledge is about credit and how all of this stuff works is impressive! I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with anything remotely credit related!

    Ronald I. | Allentown, PA

  • Thank you so much! My husband and I couldn’t get qualified for a mortgage because of his bad credit. We needed help, and luckily enough, a neighbor who used Samaritan in the past, recommended you guys. We signed up and within 4 months my husbands credit went from a 566 to a 724! It was absolutely shocking how quick his improved, faster than mine no less, but the best thing is with the mark improvement in his score, we now qualify mortgage at a great rate. Now it's time to go find our dream home! We couldn’t be more grateful for all everything you've done so far, the help, advice, and guidance have been invaluable. We especially want to thank Christian.

    Amanda V. | Irvington, NJ

  • I am so thankful for your quick response and for the way the Samaritan Credit staff put my mind at ease throughout the whole credit restoration process. I have already seen improvement with on all three of my reports and I couldn't appreciate the help more! I know I’ll be ready in a position to get finance a new car soon! Thanks so much.

    Rolando O. | Brooklyn, NY