• What We Do

  • We acknowledge the fact that you have the ability to repair your credit alone, and seeking the help of an experienced credit repair company like ours, is an option. We would like to be defined by our actions. We want help you:

    • Understand how to read and analyze your credit reports
    • Understand how your credit scores are determined
    • Learn strategies to continually improve your credit standing

    This is what we do when you contract our services:

    • We go after the credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf in order to get them to resolve issues on your credit report
    • We use the provisions within federal consumer protection laws to help you achieve the credit you deserve
    • We Represent you, and only you, fairly and honestly

    Our professional credit repair processes have helped our clients take control of their financial future lives for the past 10 years, and our track record speaks for itself. 

    We know how a low credit score can negatively impact our lives, so we work on your behalf and challenge the credit bureaus to remove inaccurate, outdated, and unverifiable information from your credit report in order to help fix your credit. We also provide help for those of you who wish to repair their own credit themselves. You can visit our Credit Education page to gain learn more about credit repair, or our Free Info page where you can find books, manuals, tips, and information to help you in your endeavor. You can purchase our Self-Credit Repair Software, to have an automated partner walk you through the repair process, or you can check out our pricing page and look over our program options and sign up for one of our professional Credit Repair Plans, no matter what you choose, we're here to assure your success on the Road to Good Credit.

    Fixing your credit is only part of the equation. We educate our clients on everything from the basics of managing their credit properly to maximizing what resources remain. We want to make sure that we provide you with an arsenal of tools and resources that will help you learn more about credit and the things you can do now to achieve true and lasting credit improvement. We have a mutual goal we both want to get your credit score to "Excellent"  status.

    There are many other factors that can lead to a poor credit score besides negative or derogatory items on your report. We show you a few easy steps to improve your credit score, such as; a plan to always pay your bills on time, keep balances low on credit cards and other "revolving credit", paying off debt instead of moving it around and when to apply for and open new credit accounts. Clients typically see 90 points increase to their credit scores.